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Product Overview

Reichert LongLife™

When it was first introduced, the Longlife Project-O-Chart set new standards for manual projectors and is currently the most popular manual projector among eye care professionals around the world.

The LongLife Project-O-Chart delivers performance superior to other
manual projection systems.


Features include:

  • Long bulblife, lasting ten times longer than incandescent bulbs

  • Quick-change socket design replaces the old fashioned "push and twist" bulbs that break in your hands

  • A bright, white, uniform illumination, ensuring consistent test results

  • Pleasing design complements any office decor

  • Superior Reichert-quality optics for bright, high-contrast images

  • Simple installation - fits more existing mounts

Vectographic Slides

Reichert's vectographic slides create test situations that simulate normal binocular vision through the use of polarized iodine crystal characters in a binocularly viewed structure. This format facilitates fusion of the images cortically. Vectographic slides provide the ability to conduct a wide variety of tests for both children and adults. These include:

  • Astigmatism tests

  • Acuity tests

  • Muscle balance tests (Fixation disparity)

  • Acuity balance tests

  • Tests to determine malingering

  • Stereopsis tests

  • Fixation disparity tests with or without paracentral fusion lock

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