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In this article by Points De Vue, eye health professionals are provided with an update on:

1.  The latest science on COVID-19 and eyes

2.  Patient needs, concerns, and behaviors

3.  Changes to in and out-of-store or office experiences and opportunities to accelerate eyecare businesses

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Important Message from Topcon Healthcare

Topcon is advising all their customers to not install Windows 11 on your Topcon products. Topcon is actively working on software updates to improve Windows 11 compatibility. Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will support Windows 10 until 2025, so there is no immediate need to upgrade.


Important Message for Apple Canela Products

Apple has released a new version of its OS called Big Sur. We are aware of some issues with this release. We suggest that you do not rush to support this OS until we have had time to solve the most significant problems and offer proper support for Big Sur. The FTDI driver is not compatible, and thus our receiver will not work with this release.

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