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     When you buy a Keeler instrument – what are you buying? A century of experience in optics! Keeler has been manufacturing ophthalmic instruments since 1917. We continue to lead the market with our innovative instruments. This has been achieved through our continuous program of customer involvement in the design process to ensure our instruments meet the rigorous demands of daily practice.

     We still manufacture and assemble our instruments in the UK. Keeler combines optical precision, high-quality illumination, ergonomic design, and lightweight, durable materials to provide you with the best possible choice of equipment.

A combination of optical perfection, superb ergonomics, and versatile features makes all Keeler handheld instruments the ideal choice. From basic examination to detailed diagnosis, there is a Keeler hand instrument for you. The next couple of pages will guide your choice, but first read on to discover the standard features and benefits shared by all Keeler ophthalmoscopes. 

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