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Product Overview

Reichert Xcel® 455 Slit Lamp

The Xcel 455’s precision optics incorporate lenses with high efficiency multilayer optical coating for enhanced light transmission, resulting in bright, even illumination and outstanding image clarity. A large field of view with high resolution and depth of focus offers an excellent stereo binocular view. The five step magnification changer and filter options provide flexibility in viewing different structures of the eye. Eyepieces with 12.5x magnification and converging binoculars ensure comfortable viewing. Slit inclination up to 20° allows examination in the oblique sections. The base and slit elevation can be maneuvered smoothly and easily using  the joystick control. 


  • Traditional tower illumination design

  • High efficiency multilayer optical coatings for enhanced light transmission

  • Wide-field optics

  • 5 step magnification 6.5x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x

  • 12.5x magnification eyepieces

  • Slit inclination up to 20 degrees

  • Red free, heat absorbing, cobalt blue, neutral density filters

  • Halogen illumination

  • Smooth base movement and slit elevation with XYZ joystick

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