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Product Overview

Reichert Xcel® 255 Slit Lamp

Reichert Xcel Slit Lamps utilize high quality optics, providing clarity and detail that will meet the needs of even the most discriminating operator. The feather-touch XYZ joysticks, convenient controls, and ergonomic design, combined with top quality materials and meticulous assembly, ensure years of comfortable, enjoyable use. The outstanding optical performance, features and quality make the Reichert Xcel series comparable to the world’s elite slit lamps.


  • Compact design

  • High efficiency multilayer optical coatings for enhanced light transmission

  • Wide-field optics

  • Halogen illumination

  • 3 step magnification 10x, 16x, 25x

  • Feather-touch XYZ joystick

  • 12.5x magnification eyepieces

  • Red free, cobalt blue, heat absorbing, neutral density filters

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