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Product Overview

Tomey TMS-4N Topographer

In 1984, the Topographic Modeling System was developed as the world's first corneal shape measurement device. Continuing high quality and reliability, the TMS-4N is the current, improved Topographic Modeling System.

Statistical Indices

Simulated K, Minimum K, Average Corneal Power, Potential Visual Acuity, Surface Regularity Index, Surface Asymetry Index, Corneal Eccentricity Index, Irregular Astigmatism Index, Standard Deviation of Corneal Power, Analyzed Area, Elevation/Depression Power, Elevation/Depression Diame- ter, Simulated Keratometric Cylinder Change.


Contact Lens Software

User-defined Fitting Strategies, User-defined Lens Designs, Simulated Fluorescein Patterns, Sagittal Tear Film Plots, Adjustment of Position, Rotation and Tilt, User Modifiable Data Base, Order Form Printout, Automatic Transmission of Data to Optical Lab.

Corneal Topographer Continues to Set the Standard for Resolution, Accuracy & Corneal Coverage.


TMS-4N has the comprehensive software: Single, Dual, Multiple and you can even customize your own map with favorite scale, map type and so on. Fourier Analysis provides you the refractive information with Spherical Equivalent, Regular Astigmatism, Asymmetry and Higher order irregularity. Fourier Analysis provides the refractive information with 3mm and 6mm diameter range. The software applications, Klyce Statistics, Keratoconus Screening, Enhanced Height and Height Change Maps are also available.

Product Features

  • USB connection

  • Auto shot function

  • Large Patient Database

  • Easy Database Operation

  • Multi-Language Operation

  • Fourier Refractive Analysis

  • Quick Data Reference

  • Built-in LCD Alignment

  • Keratoconus Screening & Other Applications

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