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Product Overview

M&S Technologies Smart System 2 20/20

Delivering Precision and Repeatability

The All-in-One System delivers a sleek, compact appearance that will streamline the look of your innovative office. Smart System delivers comprehensive and accurate vision testing while providing increased efficiency and throughput in your clinic.

  • Fast processor for improved performance

  • Durable solid-state hard drive for longer life

  • Increased RAM to boost instant video display

  • Large capacity for patient education and fixation videos

  • LED monitor improved picture, longer life span

  • Lighter weight

Interface With Other Industry Leaders

M&S has partnered with other industry leaders to provide seamless integration with auto-phoropter technologies and access to cutting-edge patient education options.


Customizable Software

Smart System 20/20 visual acuity software is custom-written by software developers, a unique feature in the industry. By leveraging the latest multimedia technologies and using input from leading practitioners, the 20/20 provides accurate and reliable performance. The robust design allows for easy upgrades for future enhancements and gives the user the flexibility to quickly customize the layout of the remote control, or tablet to accommodate specific needs. The calibration and set-up screens are clear, easy-to-use, and adjustable to any exam room environment. Seamless integration with EHR systems allows the use of just one computer in the exam room! Smart System has been issued several patents and others are pending.

High-Quality Patient Education Videos

Integrate seamlessly with Eyemaginations for patient education and education-based marketing! This feature is programmed and controlled by any one of our input devices. The current direction of health care will force the industry to do more with less and this is where patient education and education-based marketing play a vital role. Regardless of the patient chair time, patients need to be educated on various types of lenses for glass use or the large number of multi-focal IOL’s available today. Educate your patients and increase revenues.

Smart System Tablet Technology

The Smart System Tablet allows users to customize the input device to exactly their needs. Each tablet configuration allows for 6 different tabs of tests with multiple direct access buttons to control every screen of the Smart System 20/20. For example, you can have a tab for Children, which may include LEA symbols, Worth Four Dot, Fixation Animations, etc., and another tab for Contrast Testing which may include our exclusive Letter Contrast test protocol, Sine Wave Gratings and Landolt Rings, and another tab for Patient Education and so on. This customization feature has been developed to increase throughput and patient flow while making your time with the patient more effective.

Glare Test System

GTS is a consistent technology for measuring the impact of glare on a patient’s vision. Carefully calibrated against existing methods of testing, our Glare Testing System (GTS) provides consistency that can’t be found in rechargeable incandescent systems or any other handheld glare source in the market today. You can easily determine glare disability by setting the GTS to display an optotype for “x” period of time, then turn on glare for a predetermined amount of time to replicate real-life experiences such as an oncoming vehicle approaching in the evening hours. So when your patient complains that their vision is significantly reduced in bright sunshine or driving at night or simply has trouble seeing after refracting to 20/25, simply turn on the glare function to simulate that effect.


M&S Technologies CustomLink interface provides an innovative way to customize any M&S supplied input device to accommodate the needs of the eye care professional. Automatic system set-up whereby each user can set up Smart System 20/20 exactly the way they prefer, allowing the eye care professional to “sign-in” when using that exam room. The user will then be able to specify exactly which tests, videos, charts, etc., they prefer to use in the exam room. An unlimited number of users can control the Smart System exactly to their liking.

Electronic Low Vision Testing (eLVT)

Over 2 years in development, the eLVT™ system was co-produced and engineered by Dr. Ian Bailey of UC Berkeley and M&S Technologies. It utilizes the Berkeley Rudimentary Low Vision Test and extends the eETDRS protocol to include tumbling E’s, linear sine gratings, and black\white discrimination.

Contrast Testing Validated to the Pelli-Robson Charts

No other vision testing company providing computerized visual acuity systems provides more science behind the product than M&S Technologies. Letter contrast testing has been validated for testing, research, and development purposes according to the industry standard Pelli-Robson charts. This requires precision monitor luminance calibration and gray scales set according to ANSI, ISO, and FDA standards. Another breakthrough in contrast testing is the new automated protocol for identifying CSF thresholds for your patients. This proprietary algorithm steps through 6, 3 and 1.5 cycles per degree and uses linear sine gratings to arrive at the patient's CSF threshold.

Sine Wave Grating Contrast

The new contrast testing system, standard in Smart System 20/20, allows the clinician to screen for contrast function using linear sine gratings. With a simple pre-determined screening protocol it allows efficient testing of the contrast function. Presenting spatial frequencies of 18, 12, 6, 3 and 1.5 Cycles/Degree with Contrast levels from 100% - 0.8% this easy to administer test provides a great method for monitoring CSF, whether to monitor cataracts or assess quality of vision. Screening protocol is about 3 minutes and it can be integrated with Glare Testing.

Landolt Ring and ETDRS Contrast Testing

Both letter and symbol sets are standard on the Smart System 20/20 for contrast sensitivity screening. Following the same procedures as listed above, the 20/20 system gives you flexibility in selection of letter sets that are not found in any other LCD chart projector system.

Protocol One™

Create user-defined protocols or simple chart sequencing with ease allowing repeatable and consistent vision testing from visit to visit and patient to patient. Create protocols by age group, pathology, or separate protocols for each doctor within the practice. Protocol One allows the clinician to step through a customized, pre-selected series of charts and tests with simplicity. Create your own from all available optotypes, including the exclusive LEA symbols, specifying multiple or single lines, any size progression, or any combination.

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