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Product Overview

Topcon SL-D701 Main Pic.jpg

Topcon SL-D701 LED Slit Lamp w/ optional Digital Camera and Meibography

The SL-D701 Slit Lamp continues the Topcon tradition of quality and innovation with the incorporation of a bright 450.000 Lux LED illumination source. The new LED illumination allows observation under a brighter, more homogeneous illumination source while the short wavelength spectrum permits the observation of minute details in the anterior chamber and vitreous.  An innovative illumination system using the optional BG-5 background illuminator allows for observation and documentation of meibomian glands in the patient’s lids.   

  • Brighter LED illumination enhances observation of the eye structures.

  • Accepts the DC-4 Digital Photo Attachment with 5 megapixel of resolution.

  • Meibomian gland observation and documentation capability when used with the DC-4 and BG-5.

  • Exclusive amber filter for color enhancement in viewing and photography.

  • Illumination control by rheostat.

  • Five magnification drum changer: 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, and 40X.

  • Consistent color temperature throughout the entire illumination intensity adjustment.

  • Optional DC-4 Digital Photo Attachment with EZ Capture software for still imaging and video.

  • Optional BG-5 Background Illuminator for still pictures, video and meibography.

  • Available in table mount or unit configuration.

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