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Product Overview

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Topcon SL-D4 Digital-Ready Slit Lamp

The SL-D4 is part of Topcon's D-Series Digital Slit Lamps. It can be used as a conventional examination instrument or with the optional DC-4 integrated digital camera for high resolution imaging. This slit lamp features excellent optics and five convenient magnification ratios, allowing it to be used across a wide variety of ophthalmic applications.

A Slit Lamp with an expanded magnification range covering all aspects of the eye examination.

  • Convergent / Parallel optics

  •  Parallel drum magnification changer with 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x and 40x. The 40x magnification level is especially useful in corneal endothelial observation.

  •  Exclusive Amber Filter for color and tone enhancement

  • Cobalt blue and Red-free filters

  •  Continuous Rheostat-Controlled halogen illumination at the user’s fingertips 14mm slit width and height

  •  Digital Ready for DC-4 Camera Attachment with joystick activated capture

  •  Accepts models 900 and 870 applanation tonometers with optional mount

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