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Product Overview

Marco Bravo Chair

For years, practitioners have asked for a simple-featured low cost eye examination chair for everyday primary patient care.
The Bravo chair from Marco embraces this basic concept in a contemporary design that complements our established family of classical eye exam chairs and instrument stands.

Electric Lift Mechanism

Up/Down operations are controlled by a corded foot pedal or from numerous locations on the instrument stand. An increased 15.75 inches of elevation range easily accomodates all patients and practitioners.


Innovative Design

By eliminating the recline mechanism and protruding “elbow” headrest, the BRAVO chair can be comfortably positioned against the wall, maximizing the refraction distance in small exam rooms. Convenient, pop-on cushions* feature a high, curved cushion back that provide a comfortable patient headrest position for eye drops or indirect exams.


Lane Configuration

And, with dozens of different exam lane configurations to choose from, you can easily customize your own lane package.


Upholstery Colors

Available in Charcoal Grey, Black and Navy Blue

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