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Product Overview

LensChek™ Plus -
Digital Lensometer®

The all-new LensChek™ Plus Digital Lensometer®, part of the VisionChek™ Digital Exam Suite, combines technology with simplicity at the core of your exam. 


The new, compact, modern design and intuitive user interface of the LensChek Plus Digital Lensometer offers the easiest lensmeter user experience available. For example, when the target is aligned with the correct optical center, readings can be automatically “locked-in” ensuring fast, repeatable, and reliable lens measurement. 

Modern Design

Featuring a thoughtful, minimalistic design, the LensChek™ Digital Lensometers offer style and functionality to any user. The wide-angle, tilt LCD screen and compact build provide a small footprint that’s able to fit in all offices and labs, while ensuring comfortable, glare-free viewing from virtually any position.


Impressive User Interface and Color Display

The LensChek™ Digital Lensometers utilize an innovative and simple user interface that boasts seamless navigation between functions. Intuitive icons are clearly displayed on a full-color 5.7” LCD screen that aids in effortless operation.


Quick and Accurate Measurements

A readily available lens table makes it easy to stabilize and align the glasses during the measurement process. When the target is aligned with the correct optical center, the measurement can be automatically obtained to provide consistent and reliable readings.


The LensChek™ Digital Lensometers utilize a Green Measurement Light which gives a more accurate measurement without the need for Abbe value compensation.

Furthermore, integrated white marking pens ensure precise markings on all lenses (including coated) by simply pressing down on the ink cartridge assembly.

Measurement range:

Sphere: -25 D to +25 D
Cylinder: 0 D to ±10 D
Axis: 0° to 180°

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