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Product Overview

Keeler KSL-H3-D Digital Slit Lamps

For over 100 years, Keeler has been creating innovative products in our Windsor, UK, factory. The Keeler Slit Lamp has emerged as the newest product in Keeler's ophthalmic family, designed with you and your patients in mind. The Keeler Slit Lamp delivers a visually pleasing, customizable device using Keeler's tried-and-tested optics and everything that the Keeler name stands for.

The Digital H series tower illumination slit lamps from Keeler features quality design and leading technology. Our advanced design and manufacturing techniques give the Keeler slit lamp the advantage of stunning optical performance providing customers with confidence in the quality, accuracy, and reliability. The Digital slit lamp features a discrete integrated camera with Kapture software and beam splitter. The key camera controls are on the Slit Lamp base to simplify image acquisition. A fibre optic background illuminator and swing in/out diffuser gives additional image control.




  • Tower LED illumination slit lamp with Keeler optics

  • Full imaging solution with Kapture Lite Software

  • Joystick image activation

  • Shutter and review controls on joystick base

  • Background illuminator included

  • 3 step magnification system (x10, x16, and x25)

  • 8° converging eye pieces: 49 to 77mm

  • Slit Width - 0 to 12mm continuously variable

  • Slit Length - 0.2, 2, 3, 5, 9 and 12mm circle (1.8 to 12mm continuously variable), and 1mm square

  • Filters: neutral density, red-free, diffuser, cobalt blue, yellow, and IR heat-absorbing filter permanently installed

  • 0 to 180 degree continuous slit angle

Digital H series slit lamps come with a 3 year warranty and 12 month technical support for the Kapture software. Slit lamps are available in a unit or table mount configuration. Unit modules include a power supply, table top, and mounting post. Table modules include a power supply, drawer, and table top.

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