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Product Overview

Marco iON Imaging System

Utilizing the world’s best known and most user friendly OS. Simple but powerful proprietary slit lamp imaging app designed by ophthalmic photographers. Easily capture high resolution video or still images. Diagnose, image, integrate & educate in seconds. Update software via the App Store. Simply start the App and you’re ready to capture.

Slit lamp imaging is redefined with our iON℠ imaging system by combining a new intra-optics beam splitter/camera adapter with the tremendous computing and imaging power of Apple technology. “iON”: intuitive, optimized, and networked – an imaging system for every exam room, to rapidly capture, integrate, and educate every diagnosis. Slit lamp not included. Ion compatible slit lamps include:


Marco: Ultra G2, G4, G5, G5-Zoom, M2, M4, M5, B2
Topcon: SL-D2, SL-D301, SL-D4, SL-D7, SL-2ED, SL-7E, SL-2G, SL-8Z
Zeiss: 100/16, 20SL & 30SL
Woodlyn: HR3; HR5 or SL9803x
Elan: 3 & Elan 5 Slit Lamps
CSO: SL990 & 9900(LED); SL980 & 9800
Haag Streit: BQ 900
Burton: 2000, SL-3MH & SL-3MZ, SL-860
Keeler: KSL-H & KSL-Z
Ibex: 5-Step
Nidek: SL1800
S4Optik: SL-Z3, SL-Z5, SL-ZZ, SL-H3, SL-H5, SL-HZ, H5 Elite, MW-50
Huvitz: HS-5000; HS-5500; HS-7000; HS-7500 (adapter required)

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