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Product Overview

ClearChart® 4
Digital Acuity Systems

The all-new family of ClearChart® Digital Acuity Systems from Reichert® are all-in-one, elegant, and simple-to-use. They are uniquely designed to meet all of your acuity testing needs with a wide selection of optotypes and other special test charts.

The ClearChart 4 Digital Acuity System, ClearChart 4X Enhanced Digital Acuity System, and ClearChart 4P Polarized Digital Acuity System all feature a 24-inch, high-resolution, LED-backlit display, and are lightweight, cool-running, and long-lasting.

ClearChart seamlessly connects to Reichert digital Phoroptors for the best possible refraction experience for both you and your patient.

Built for Acuity Testing

ClearChart® Digital Acuity Systems are all-in-one, custom-built and engineered for all of your acuity testing needs. Utilizing an intuitive and stable operating system designed by Reichert, ClearChart ensures consistent and reliable performance over other computer-based acuity systems.


No Moving Fans or Spinning Hard Drives

Requiring no separate components or software, ClearChart Digital Acuity Systems are free of moving parts, noisy fans, and spinning hard drives providing cool-running, silent, and dependable operation.


High-Resolution, LED-Backlit

All ClearChart models feature a 24-inch, high-resolution
(1920x1080), LED-backlit display with three different illumination levels for mesopic (3 cd/m2) and photopic
(85 cd/m2) lighting conditions.


Wide Range of Optotypes

ClearChart has an extensive range of optotypes that can be randomized to prevent patient memorization. Optotypes can also be isolated, increased, or decreased in size, and can be displayed in either Snellen or Logmar progression.
Optotypes include: 17 Letter Set, 8 Letter Set, Sloan, HOTV, Landolt C, Landolt C & O, Tumbling E, Children’s Optotypes.
Specialty test charts include Astigmatic Tests, Fusion and Phoria Tests, and Binocular Balance.
ClearChart 4X and ClearChart 4P now include
LEA SYMBOLS® and LEA NUMBERS® along with ETDRS and Contrast Sensitivity.


Intuitive Remote Control

An easy-to-use, infrared remote control allows access to all features and functions from almost anywhere in the room.

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