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Product Overview

Cal Coast 20/20
Acuity System

The Cal Coast 20/20 Acuity system is an All-in-one solution for you acuity needs. It comes with a 23 inch Dell all-in-one PC loaded with Canela acuity software.

No Compromises 
The most complete acuity system on the market is also the most affordable! Replace your aging projection systems with the ultra modern acuity testing system software. You will find your new acuity testing system to be easy to use and powerful enough to tackle your day to day testing needs. 

Intuitive and Elegant Interface 

Our users are a very diverse group, with a wide range of requirements. When working to meet those requirements, we always keep in mind precision, organization, and ease of use. 


Our remote control is a perfect example of this mindset. The first time you pick up the remote, you can use it intuitively. Just press a chart button, and the chart appears. Press a VA size, and jump right to it. No need to struggle with modifier keys, or double functions per key – with clearly labelled and color-coded buttons, it’s extremely easy to use. 

23 inch Dell all-in-one PC

Wireless remote


Wide range of popular opotypes

  • Randon Character Generation

  • Single letter isolation

  • Vertical & Horizontal line isolation

  • 4-Dot & Fixation tests

  • Built in video clips for child fixation

Canela 2020 3.jpeg
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