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Product Overview

Topcon CA-800 Corneal Analyzer

The Topcon CA-800 Corneal Analyzer is an easy-to-use, comprehensive corneal topography solution allowing for the complete evaluation of the anterior corneal surface. In addition to elevation mapping of the corneal surface, the CA-800 provides robust software features, allowing for a total analysis of the patient’s corneal surface.

The Topcon CA-800 Corneal Analyzer is a standalone unit capable of sending reports directly to a printer or to a shared network folder via LAN connectivity. However if remote analysis is desired the CA-800 is compatible with i-MAP reviewing software for your PC. The CA-800 is controlled by a 10-inch capacitive touch panel monitor and combined with familiar joystick operation acquisition and evaluation of the cornea is fast and easy. Additional features include pupillometry, fluorescein imaging, meibomian gland imaging, contact lens fitting software, white to white measurement, Zernike analysis and tear meniscus analysis.


The CA-800 is easy to use. Visual signals support  
fast and easy alignment and focusing on the patients  eye. The CA-800 has a Right and Left eye detection and prevents incorrect savings in Right / Left eye measurements. The automated best image selection mode in the software of the CA-800 decides the best focused position and automatically acquires the image. Acquistions can be made for topography, pupillometry and real time fluorescein imaging.

Keratoconus screening

With the CA-800, signs of asymmetry of the cornea can easily be detected even in an early stage. By analyzing the apical curvature, apical gradient and symmetry of the cornea, a Keratoconus probability index will show in color code (green, yellow & red) if the topography is compatible with Keratoconus. With the CLMI (Cone Location and Magnitude Index) it is easy to follow-up  on keratoconus and keratoconus-like patterns. 

Corneal Zernike analysis

The Zernike analysis module consists of 36 polynomials into the 7th order, and provides a clear view on the optical deficiencies which can disturb vision. Based  on this information, the CA-800 provides the visual  acuity summary. Zernike analysis is the basis for the calculation of the ablation area for laser treatment.  The Zernike expansion coefficient is used to determine which component(s) dominate the aberration structure  of the cornea and to what degree.

Corneal comparison & differential map

With the CA-800, it is easy to compare topography maps between two examinations of a patient, which can be used for follow up and for pre- and post-operative corneal analysis. With the differential map, progress in recovery of the cornea can be observed after refractive surgery. Parameters such as keratometry, apical curvature and corneal symmetry can be analyzed to follow the development of any corneal surface changes. The CA-800 comparison and differential maps help you with the treatment of collagen cross linking to stop the development of corneal keratoconus. 


The CA-800 is equipped with two white LED’s for dynamic and static pupillometry. With the CA-800 on-board, the user can check the pupil position and diameter (from Photopic to Scotopic condition) in  relation to the position of the optical zone in Ortho-K, laser treatment or refractive surgery treatments. Dynamic pupillometry provides clear information on the reaction time of the pupil and the contraction of the pupil.

Meibomian gland analysis

With the Infra-red illumination of the CA-800, the Meibomian Glands of the upper and lower eyelid can be captured and analyzed. Posterior blepharitis is the most common form of lid margin disease. MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction) can cause or exacerbate dry eye symptoms and eyelid inflammation. The oil glands become blocked with thickened secretions. Chronically clogged glands eventually become unable to secrete oil which results in permanent changes in the tear film and dry eyes. With the CA-800, MGD can easily be observed and compared with previous Meibomian gland examinations of the patient.

Contact lens fitting simulation

The CA-800 provides the perfect platform for contact lens fitting. Simulation software is provided on-board, which automatically selects the best fitting contact lens based upon an included complete contact lens database for all the main manufacturers (upgradable and customizable by the user). With the option to input refractive powers, the contact lens proposal is accurate and complete. The on-board fluorescein acquisition system allows full control of the contact lens position on the eye. The comparison between different contact lenses is easy in order to ensure the best fit. 

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