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Product Overview

Haag-Streit BP900 Main Pic 1.jpg

Haag-Streit BP900 LED Slit Lamp

Advanced microscopy –  comprehensive application

Designed for routine practice, the BP 900 is equipped with a modern optical system offering 10 ×, 16 × and 25 × magnifications and imaging capabilities. 

Multiple magnifications and ease of use

The BP 900 has a modern optical system offering 10×, 16× and 25× magnifications changeable by a simple control on the microscope’s side.


Incredible control and performance

The IM 600 is an easy-to-use yet powerful microscope incorporating legendary Haag-Streit technology to take your practice to the next level.



  • FreezeTechnology. High-speed capture the moment you press the trigger, and data transfer.

  • History Trigger. Captures one image, and records the last few seconds in real time so you can return to select the best image.

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