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Product Overview

Accutome AccuPen Handheld Tonometer

The AccuPen handheld tonometer is ideal for screening IOP measurements in patients. Our gravity offset technology provides accurate IOP measurements with less calibration in any testing position. The AccuPen is accurate, easy to use, portable, and versatile ,making it a must-have for any facility.

The AccuPen’s gravity offset technology provides precise IOP measurements with less calibration compared to otherhandheld tonometers. Micro-strain gauge technology, combined with proprietary algorithm, provides reproducible results.

An ergonomic design combined with sighting lines allows for easy visualization of the cornea, facilitating both centralization and perpendicularity. Contoured molding with large, visible LCD allows the AccuPen to be usedambidextrously and fit comfortably in any size hand.

Eliminates the constant need for “up, down, and around” calibration. Long-lasting lithium battery lasts for four to six months.

The AccuPen only weighs three ounces and comes with a custom, heavy-duty traveling case and lanyard for safe transportation.

The gravity offset technology allows for fast measurements with patients in any position. Frees up valuable office space.

Smarter software
The AccuPen stores and averages nine measurements. The built-in IOP correction calculator adjusts IOP based on corneal thickness.


  • Accuracy: +/- 2mmHg (compared to goldman tonometer)

  • Weight: 3.0 oz.

  • Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 1 1/4"

  • Transducer Dimensions: 1.0mm diameter

  • Measurement Range: 5-60mmHg

  • Power Source: 3.6 V Lithium Battery

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