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Product Overview

Reliance 5356 Stool

Bottom-line comfort and maximum variety

When you need choices, you need Reliance. The 5300 series offers the largest range of options for pneumatic lift stools, including backless, adjustable support arms, 15-inch seats, and adjustable backs.

The 5356 pneumatic lift stools: 

  • 15" round seat and 3-way adjustable support arm.

  • Five legs to distribute weight evenly and ensure stability. The circumference of the base exceeds that of the seat to maintain stability in the sit-stand position.

  • Lift the control ring located under the seat.  The stool’s pneumatic device will help lift the seat as you ease your weight off the stool.  Vertical travel is 6.25’’.  Seat height ranges from 18.50’’ to 24.75’’. 

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