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    870 Tonometer - Haag Streit

    Haag Streit 870 The Applanation Tonometer 870 is to be mounted over the microscope of the slit lamp. The feeler arm protrudes from above into the path of the microscope and the illumination unit. The Tonometer is ready four use with a single swing movement of the feeler arm.

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    AT 900D Tonometer - Haag Streit

    The digital Goldmann tonometer AT 900D pairs the positive experience of many thousands of Goldmann tonometer users with the opportunities of state of the art digital technology. Wireless transfer of the IOP readings and left/right eye position allows direct integration of the tonometer into an existing patient information system thus facilitating an ergonomic workflow.

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    CT100 Contact Tonometer - Reichert

    The CT100 mounts conveniently on your slit lamp and can be positioned in front of your patient as required. The prism is viewed through the left microscope objective. The tonometer can be removed from its mount with ease.

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    CT210 Contact Tonometer - Reichert

    The CT210 mounts on any compact-style slit lamp, the measurement arm swings down into position when IOP readings are required. The CT210 is permanently mounted and does not interfere with the normal diagnostic use of the slit lamp.

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    Type R (Fixed) Applanation Tonometer - Keeler

    The Goldmann applanation principle is widely acclaimed as the most common and direct method of assessing IOP. The KAT is made with precision machined components that are subject to stringent quality controls pre, during and after assembly in our Windsor factory.

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