WX3D Non-mydriatic Retinal Camera - Kowa

3D Stereo Photography
The WX-3D captures a 20° x 27° field of view as a stereo image in one shot without parallax shift, allowing you to view the optic nerve in 3D. The 3D images can then be viewed with prism glasses or by using a standard 3D monitor.

2D Normal and Small Pupil
2D images can be captured in normal and small pupil modes with a field angle of 45°. On screen guides indicate if the pupil size is within the sufficient range (above 3.5mm) for photography

WX-3D Features
The WX-3D combines Kowa’s exclusive optical design with a 12 megapixel Nikon® digital camera back, delivering extremely detailed retinal images. The integrated 9-point internal fixation system allows for auto mosaic imaging covering a large retinal area.

Take a look at DigiVersal™
DigiVersal™ software automatically converges patient image files from multiple pieces of diagnostic equipment into a single file on a single screen. This software solution makes image organization and comparison seamless and easy, allowing you to focus on patient care and growing your practice.

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