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Binocular Loupes

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    C 2.3 Binocular Loupe - Heine

    Crisp, clear images. Multi-coated, scratch-resistant silica glass lenses produce crisp, clear images. Flexibility for precise adjustment. Independently adjustable PD controls ensure precise alignment of the optics.

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    HR-C Binocular Loupes - Heine

    Colour Correction and excellent Depth of Focus.HR (high resolution) - achromaticoptics with exclusive multi-coating technology for the brightest, crispest images.

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    HRP Binocular Loupes - Heine

    HRP Binocular Loupes of 3.5x magnification or higher are recommended for fi ne surgical procedures where high magnifi cation is necessary, for example in endodontal, vascular, neuro, and intricate orthopedic surgery and for experienced users.

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    HR Binocular Loupe- Heine

    HR Binocular Loupes with either 2x or 2.5x magnification are particularly recommended for dental surgery and endodontics.

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    LED LoupeLight - Heine

    Compact LED LoupeLight, ideal for ENT and dental use.