KR-8000PA Auto Kerato-Refractometer - Topcon

KR-8000PA Auto Kerato-Refractometer - Topcon The tri-functional KR-8000PA combines an auto refractor, auto keratometer, and a corneal mapping system all in one instrument! It features Topcon''s rotary prism technology for enhanced accuracy, 10 placido rings, and corneal measurements out to 10mm.

- Topcon's exclusive rotary prism technology for enhanced accuracy

- Tri-functional instrument featuring auto refraction, keratometry and corneal mapping

- 10 placido rings for enhanced testing precision

- Corneal mapping measurements out to 10mm

- Optional software kit for printing out detailed color corneal maps

- Accurate, reliable measurements down to a pupil size of 2.0mm

- Auto alignment

- Auto measurement

- Scenic fixation chart

- Topcon's Omni-direction joystick provides one-handed fast, positive and responsive control

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