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The Smart System 20/20 gives you the power of state-of-the-art software in an integrated All-In-One 22” LCD and computer system that effortlessly installs in the most modern of offices. The 20/20 system includes eETDRS, Contrast Sensitivity Testing protocols with normative data, electronic Low Vision Testing (eLVT), a variety of charts, rich multimedia and integration with the leading auto-phoroptors. The 20/20 system provides all of the features and functionality of Smart System in an easy-to-install integrated computer and monitor, all developed and manufactured right here in the US.

If you prefer to use your own computer or monitor, there are various hardware configurations available to suit your individual need.

Key Features of the Smart System® 20/20

Custom Software
The Smart System® 20/20 visual acuity software is custom written by our own software developers, a unique feature in the industry. With input from leading practitioners and leveraging the latest multimedia technologies, 20/20 provides accurate and reliable performance. The robust design allows for easy upgrades for future enhancements and gives the user the flexibility to quickly customize the layout of the remote control, key pad or our new wireless tablet to accommodate specific needs. The calibration and set-up screens are clear, easy to use and flexible to adjust to any exam room environment. Seamless integration with EHR systems allow the use of just one computer in the exam room! The System has been issued a provisional patent and is copyrighted.

M&S Technologies please to announce the release of CustomLink, an innovate way to customize any input device to accommodate the needs of the eye care professional. Automatic system set-up by user where each user can set up Smart System 20/20 exactly the way they prefer. It allows the practice to increase the utilization of the exam room (for example, no longer so you need a specialty room for pediatrics, when not being used for Ped’s it can be used by Retina, Refractive, Low Vision, Contact Lens, etc.) by allowing the eye care professional to “sign in” when using that exam room. The user will then be able to specify exactly which tests, video’s, charts, etc., they prefer to use in the exam room. Unlimited number of users can control Smart System to exactly their liking.

Protocol One™
Create user defined protocols or simple chart sequencing with ease allowing repeatable and consistent vision testing from visit to visit and patient to patient. Create protocols by age group, pathology or separate protocols for each doctor within the practice. Protocol One allows the clinician to step through a customized, pre-selected series of charts and tests with simplicity. Create your own from all available optotypes, including the exclusive LEA symbols, specifying multiple or single lines, any size progression or any combination.

Programmable Wireless Tablet Input Device
Our programmable tablet allows users to customize the input device to exactly your liking. For example, you can have a tab for Children, Adults and Geriatric patients with each test, chart, video pertaining to the appropriate age group. This customization features has been developed to increase throughput and patient flow while making your time with the patient more effective. Program access to any test, optotype size or fixation in a wireless, non-directional tablet or remote control. Our proven technology stands up to years of daily use. All buttons buttons and tabs are fully programmable.

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