HRP Binocular Loupe - HeineHeine Ophthalmics

HRP Binocular Loupe - Heine- Advanced LED Technology.White, homogenous light, ideal for all surgical and dental applications.

- Coaxial Illumination.Shadow-free illumination of cavities, ideal for ENT and dental applications. Ideal co-axial viewing with all HR/HRP loupes.

Homogenous illumination of the whole field of view.The light spot is ideal for HR / HRP loupe systems. 81mm illumination field at 420mm, 95mm at 500mm working distance.

- Compact, lightweight (24g).Ensures perfect comfort.

- Aluminium housing.Robust, long lasting.

- Waterproof design.Easy to clean.

- Fully-portable with mPack LL.Autonomy at least 17 hours.

- Individual adjustment of the angle of view.The right angle for every situation.