HR Binocular Loupe - HeineHeine Ophthalmics

HR Binocular Loupe - Heine- The Brightest Image.Our exclusive coating technology reduces light reflection to 0.3%, providing the brightest image of any comparable loupe.

- The Crispest Image with Colour Correction.State-of-the-art HEINE optics with achromatic lenses provide a standard for image clarity, crispness and colour compared with conventional Galilean loupes.

- Super-Wide, Super-Deep Field of View.Improvements in our HR (High Resolution) optical technology provide a super-wide, fully-useable, distortion-free field of view (up to 250mm) and the greatest depth of field (up to 290mm) to eliminate eye strain even over extended periods of use. Dust- and Water-Resistant. All HR loupes are dust- and water-resistant to IP65/IEC 60529 (2000) to ensure ease of cleaning/disinfection, and years of trouble-free use.

- Flexibility for Precise Adjustment.HEINE Binocular loupes have independently adjustable optics left and right to select the exact inter-pupillary distance (PD). Conventional designs using a single adjuster are always a compromise. HR loupes can be adjusted precisely for each user for optimum optical performance by means of 5 different mounting positions on either frame or headband (with angled adaptor).

- Super Light.HR optics weigh only 42 grams for user-comfort even over extended periods.

- 2x Magnifi cation:Ideal for dental applications and general surgery, the 2x loupes provide our largest fi eld of view and the best depth of fi eld to ensure the image is in focus over an exceptionally-wide range.Ideal for hygienists and dental surgicalprocedures. HR 2x loupes are mounted onto lightweight, rigid loupe mountwhich can be swivelled upwards out of the line of sight.

- 2.5x Magnification:The increase in magnification over 2x is greater than the figures suggest. HR 2.5x loupes offer an excellent balance between high magnification, field of view, depth of field, and ease of use. The 2.5x loupes are ideal for a wide range of applications such as dental, ophthalmic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The HR 2.5x is our most popular model.Ideal for surgery and dental surgical procedures.

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