Binocular Loupe

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    C 2.3 Binocular Loupe - Heine

    The cost-effective all-purpose loupe Ideal for dental laboratories and general medical examination. Crisp, clear images. Multi-coated,...

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    HR-C Binocular Loupe - Heine

    Super-compact and lightweight Binocular Loupe Particularly recommended for general dental use and surgery. Colour Correction and excellent Depth of...

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    HRP Binocular Loupe - Heine

    HRP Technology for highly-magnified crisp images HRP Binocular Loupes of 3.5x magnifi cation or higher are recommended for fine surgical procedures...

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    HR Binocular Loupe- Heine

    HR Technology for an even bigger field of view HR Binocular Loupes with either 2x or 2.5x magnifi cation are particularly recommended for dental...

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    LED LoupeLight - Heine

    Compact LED LoupeLight, ideal for ENT and dental use Advanced LED Technology. White, homogenous light, ideal for all surgical and dental...

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